Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Life at the Old Well

This post is in honor of my daughter, Colleen, who just started her third year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill :).

 With my camera in hand and an eye on the light I wandered the UNC campus on a beautiful spring day last year and enjoyed the liveliness of students hurrying to class, studying in the grassy quads, listening to guitar music, participating in a silent protest march, and questioning an itinerant preacher.  I took dozens of photos, but the sunlight on the white columns of The Old Well, combined with the brilliant red azaleas, caught my eye the most.  
Here's the photo I decided to use for my reference:

And here's my artistic rendition:
New Life at the Old Well, 18x24 Oil, Sold

And here are our three UNC Tarheels this summer :)

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  1. You could do lots of different UNC paintings and they would all sell fast! $$ JUst sayin'!

    Ann Wease