Sunday, May 19, 2013

One More from Colley Whisson

I had so much fun at the workshop I took last week with Colley Whisson that I wanted to paint more of his style this week.  Here's a painting I created in my studio using my favorite of Colley's paintings as reference.  I love how the warm colors of the dried grasses really add excitement to the cool colors of the rest of the scene.

It depicts a typical beach day, doesn't it?  You can get sun burned and rained on all in the same hour!  I call my rendition of his painting "Partly Sunny".
Partly Sunny, 8x10 Oil

I haven't posted any of my Colley Whisson paintings on my website yet because I'm pretty sure I want to keep them for my own reference.  Sorry!  :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Workshop with Colley Whisson

Since being an artist means being a life-long learner (aren't we all?), I try to take at least one art workshop each year from an artist whose work I love.  Last week I attended a two-day workshop with Australian artist Colley Whisson.  I love the dramatic light that fills his paintings! He was a great instructor and his Australian accent was lovely to listen to :)

Here are two studies I completed during his fun workshop:
Window Light, 8x10 oil on board (painted after Colley Whisson)

The yellow Hat, 10x8 oil on board (painted after Colley Whisson)